When Does Concrete Need to be Replaced?

Concrete is a resilient and durable material that is made to last. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your concrete will never require maintenance. Factors such as weather, location, and installation can all affect when it will need repairs. There are things you can do to make the lifetime of your concrete last longer. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for potential repairs early on, so you can fix them before they become a greater problem.

Concrete Indoors

Concrete found inside, such as for flooring, often has a longer lifespan than outside because it doesn’t experience the same weathering. It can last up to one hundred years. To ensure you are taking care of it properly, here is how to take care of your concrete floors:

  • Mop or sweep the floors to clean up dirt and debris.
  • Use a pH-neutral cleaner and water on your mop to clean.
  • After cleaning, always wait for the concrete to fully dry before using the floors again.
  • Use floor wax or sealer to protect the concrete.

Even doing these tips won’t make the concrete last forever, but it will definitely help the longevity and appearance. 

Concrete Outdoors

Although here in Texas we don’t see the same crazy weather as other places around the country, weather can still affect the concrete. Despite outdoor concrete needing repairs quicker, it is still made to last at least fifty years.

One issue that Texas sees, that isn’t great for concrete, is the change in temperature from day to night. A typical day in Texas can reach 80, 90, even 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but then drop down into the 60s at night. This change in temperature causes cracks over time.  

Outdoor concrete may also see more wear and tear earlier because of the usage. Sidewalks may have heavy foot traffic, bikes, strollers, or scooters. Driveways have cars driving back and forth over them. Usage is unpreventable, but can speed up the need for maintenance.

Factors That Can Change the Lifespan of Concrete

Not all concrete is the same, and different factors related to the concrete can make it last a longer or shorter amount of time. Here are a few factors that can change the lifespan of your concrete:

    • The concrete mix- There are so many variations of concrete mixes. Some are made to dry quicker while others are made to be as strong as possible. The proportions of each ingredient in the mix can affect how long it lasts.
    • Weather– As mentioned previously, outdoor concrete won’t last as long as indoor because of the wear and tear it sees from the weather.
    • Moisture– If your house is located in an area that sees more moisture, that can put more wear and tear on it by breaking it down.
    • Installation- If it dries too quickly or isn’t installed properly, the concrete will need maintenance early on.

Most of these factors are out of your control, but make sure you are working with a concrete installation company you can trust, like Tyler TX Concrete, to ensure that the installation process and repairs are done right so your concrete can last as long as possible.

Early Signs of Concrete Damage

Concrete maintenance is no fun, but the longer you wait to make repairs, the more complex the repairs will be. If you know the signs of early damage, you can have them repaired before the issue becomes too complex and costly. Early signs of concrete damage include:

    • Cracks– These could occur on the floor or in the walls, inside or outside. Cracks are one of the most frequent signs that repairs will be needed.
    • Difficulty opening and closing windows and doors– Windows and doors sticking when they are being opened and closed means that the concrete inside is shifting from the foundation.
    • Unevenness- If the concrete is appearing uneven, this most likely also relates to the foundation and will require repairs.
    • Discoloration- Discoloration isn’t a major issue, but could just mean the concrete is wearing and may need some maintenance soon. 

Get Concrete That Lasts with Tyler Concrete

Whether you are installing or repairing concrete inside or outside of your home, Tyler TX Concrete will make sure it is done right and lasts decades. We know you have a lot to worry about, so don’t let concrete be one of them. We understand the importance of a good foundation, so contact us today!