Concrete Porches

Thinking about installing a concrete porch? Great idea! Porches and patios are a great addition to your home and make spending time outside more comfortable. Add some chairs, a table, and a grill to your porch and you’ll never want to leave!

Why Choose a Concrete Patio?

Porches made of concrete are a great option because of their durability and affordability. Porches made of other materials, such as wood, need frequent repairs to stay visually appealing and safe. Wood porches may be a breeding ground for mites and other pests. Porches made of wood also take much longer to be built, about four weeks minimum. For stone patios, you would be looking at a similar time frame, about four weeks minimum. 

Cost is another reason why you should choose concrete. For a concrete patio, you would be looking at about $3,000 for a 400 square foot porch. For the same size porch made of wood, it would cost about $8,000. Other material options include stone and brick, which cost significantly more than concrete; about $8,000-$10,000. Concrete porches require little-to-no maintenance/upkeep, which is another perk because of convenience and it saves money on repairs. 

Concrete Porch Installation

Installing the concrete patio yourself is an option. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of doing it yourself, feel free to contact us for some help. Be sure to have an idea of where you would like the porch to be located and make sure to check in with city codes. It is best to get your porch installed in the spring or fall for weather purposes. 

Porch installations vary in timelines due to company demands, but should take only a few days for installation and 24 hours to dry. It is typically best to wait four weeks before putting any heavy weight on the concrete. 

Different Styles to Make Your Concrete Patio Visually Appealing

Obviously, you are going to want to choose a material option that is visually appealing and concrete may not be at the top of your list. However, there are several concrete finish options that will take the look to the next level. The options include:

  • Concrete Stamping – using different concrete stampers that imprint patterns to make it look like stone, brick, or other more appealing materials and giving it a higher textured surface.
  • Trowel finish – using a trowel to make the surface of the concrete is smooth.
  • Broom finish – dragging a broom through the concrete’s smooth, troweled surface creating ridges and a rougher texture.
  • Salt finish – rolling coarse rock salt into the concrete creating a decorative and skid-resistant texture.
  • Concrete Stenciling – using different colored grout lines for decorative patterns and the appearance of multiple textures while allowing the concrete to be smooth. 

With all the choices available, choosing the concrete finish that works best for your patio and style preferences can be a difficult decision. At Tyler Concrete, our experts are available to answer any questions you may have.

Adding Color to Your Concrete: Staining, Dyeing, and Coloring Concrete

Not only can your concrete patio be stamped into a pattern, it can also be dyed or stained in different colors. Staining can be done on both new and older concrete. So if you are looking to freshen up concrete somewhere around your house, this is an option! Stains options are neutral colors, such as tans and browns. These stains are also made to prevent discoloration, which means these colors will last despite the harsh sun.  

Dyeing your concrete is also another option. Dyeing brings vibrant colors, but unlike stains, they do fade with sunlight exposure so they will not stay vibrant forever. Color options for concrete dyes include red, blue, purple, orange, and yellow. 

A third option to color your concrete is through a process called “coloring concrete integrally”, which is an option for new concrete. This process is done through adding the color directly into the concrete, rather than on top like in the staining and dyeing process. A great thing about coloring concrete integrally is if the concrete chips or wears away, the color will always be there. This is not true for staining and dyeing. Colors for this option are also neutral colors, such as brown, tan, and gray. 

Hire Us for Your Concrete Porch

A concrete porch is just what you need to take your time outside to the next level without breaking the bank. We will make sure your concrete porch installation is done efficiently and correctly, so you won’t have to worry about time and cost of porch maintenance. 

If we haven’t convinced you yet that a concrete porch is just the addition your home needs, head to our website to learn about our other services and for a consultation.